JS1 Entrance Examination Assessment Test – Vocational Aptitude (FREE Access)

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Hello and welcome to The JS1 Entrance Examination Assessment Test - Vocational Aptitude (FREE Access)

  1. You are to attempt 40 questions for 50 minutes.
  2. Work on your own. Parent assistance may be required to navigate questions.
  3. You will not be able to supply answers if your time elapse before submission.
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1. Magnets can be found in the following equipment except ______

A. electric bell
B. telephone receiver
C. loudspeaker
D. electric generator
E. kerosine stove
2. In machines, ______ force can cause a lot of heat and wearing away of surfaces.

A. friction
B. electrical
C. magnetic
D. muscular
E. pull
3. Like poles of a bar magnets ______

A. attract
B. fused
C. unite
D. union
E. repel
In the diagram above, the north and south pole of the bar magnet _____

A. repel
B. attract
C. identical
D. non-identical
E. disperse
5. _____ is a substance that attracts iron and steel materials to itself

A. Metal
B. Plastic
C. Magnet
D. Cell
E. Charge
6. A bar of magnet has _____ force.

A. pull
B. push
C. magnetic
D. electric
E. friction
7. When two surfaces are rubbed against each other,  _____ force is produced.

A. magnetic
B. electric
C. muscular
D. frictional
E. gravitational
8. We are able to walk on a tar road because of _____ force.

A. magnetic
B. muscular
C. friction
D. gravivation
E. pull
9. Materials that have electric charges contains positive and _____ charges

A. neutral
B. negative
C. live
D. dead
E. high
10. The force which pulls object to the earth's surface is called _____ force.

A. pull
B. push
C. friction
D. gravitation
E. electrical

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Scoreboard for JS1 Entrance Examination Assessment Test - Vocational Aptitude (FREE Access)

  1. Nnadozie Chiagoziem Chikamso Godwin scores (10) out of 10
  2. Nwoye Derek scores (10) out of 10
  3. scores (10) out of 10
  4. scores (10) out of 10
  5. Seun Irewole scores (9) out of 10
  6. BARNABAS OMIRIGBE scores (9) out of 10
  7. UDO, JOY GODWIN scores (9) out of 10
  8. Bankole Isaac scores (9) out of 10
  9. Edenweze Shaun scores (9) out of 10
  10. Edenweze Shaun scores (9) out of 10
  11. Eze Kosisochukwu N scores (9) out of 10
  12. Eze Kosisochukwu N scores (9) out of 10
  13. Chika scores (9) out of 10
  14. scores (8) out of 10
  15. scores (8) out of 10
  16. scores (8) out of 10
  17. Emmanuel scores (8) out of 10
  18. Omgbrumaye Mercy Elohor scores (8) out of 10
  19. sandra oji scores (7) out of 10
  20. Maleeq Adeiza scores (7) out of 10
  21. Edenweze shaun scores (6) out of 10
  22. scores (6) out of 10
  23. Eze Kosisochukwu N scores (6) out of 10
  24. NJIMA MARYJANE scores (6) out of 10
  25. AMOO IYINOLUWA OLUWAKAYODE scores (6) out of 10
  26. Ogunseye Idris Babatunde scores (6) out of 10
  27. Elizah Olawale scores (5) out of 10
  28. Jinadu lateef scores (4) out of 10
  29. Falaye Harriet scores (4) out of 10
  30. Eze Kosisochukwu N scores (4) out of 10
  31. scores (4) out of 10
  32. Omole scores (3) out of 10
  33. razaq scores (3) out of 10
  34. scores (0) out of 10

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