JS1 Entrance Examination Online Assessment Test Portal (for all Subjects)

Hello and welcome to the JS1 Entrance Examination Online Assessment Tests Portal for pupils preparing for the National Common Entrance Examination and other JS1 entrance examinations (Scroll Down The Page to Select JS1 Entrance Examination Subjects for Practice Tests)

We have step down each of the subjects into THEMES and teachable units to enable parents to track learning difficulties and where more efforts will be needed.

Click on the subjects below to read more on available themes and topics as highlighted in the National Curriculum for Middle Basic Education Primary 4 to 6 (Scroll Down)

English Language
Basic Science
Vocational Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude
Social Studies
Verbal Aptitude

For Enquiries, contact:
The Tests Administrator,
ASSURE Educational Services
35, Charity Road, Abule Egba, Lagos
[email protected]

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